Buddhism : The Wisdom of Compassion and Awakening


Talk given by Venerable Master Chin Kung 淨空法師

Edited by Silent Voices

Read by Venerable Wu Ling

(Originated from the book in Chinese called 認識佛教)

Venue: Miami, Florida USA

Date: 1991

Introduction of the talk

It is necessary for us to have a correct understanding before practicing Buddhism; otherwise, all the effort and time spent on cultivation will become futile, and the most superior result will not be attained either. Venerable Master Chin Kung delivered a talk to illustrate the true nature of Buddhism in Miami, Florida USA in 1991. The speech was edited into English by Silent Voices and read by Venerable Wu Ling for wider dissemination of the Buddhist wisdom of compassion and awakening to English speaking people. There are nine DAT files for downloading.